Inkwell Media, formerly Inkwell Design


Design, Motion, Photography and other stuff

I stopped running Inkwell as a business a few years ago, with the birth of my son. I'm a full time Lecturer in Design and Creative Media at Letterkenny Institute of Technology which is a demanding but rewarding job. Between that and raising a family, running a business too didn't seem practical. That said, I want to keep this site running, mainly as a repository of projects I've done or am in the process of doing. I cover a broad range of subjects at the Institute. My primary background is in Graphic Design, but I also cover Photography, Digital Film, Motion Graphics, Post Processing and Web Design.

I also paint, illustrate, do a little woodwork, landscaping and have recently started stone carving.

Update I've added some reviews of budget photography gear to the Photography Miscellaneous section.

Matt Mc Donagh 11.03.19