Inkwell Media, formerly Inkwell Design


Like a Phoenix, rising from the flames

I had been intending to move from WordPress for some time. While it is a good CMS, it's very bloated and the frequent updates to both the core and all the plugins require frequent maintainance. In short, though I intended WordPress to make life easier for me in the previous iteration of the site, it was beginning to feel a bit needy, always needing attention.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, though, and I had numerous other priorities. Long story short, the decision was taken out of my hands. The old site got hacked in early April and rather than re-installing from one of the weekly backups, it gave me the impetus to get cracking on a new build.

Not that I'm going to thank the hacker.

I'm going to take an agile approach to the build, uploading sections as I finish them. This means that large sections of the site are currently either not built or are unfinished. I will be working at it on a daily basis though, and estimate being reasonably complete in 2-3 weeks. The typography section remains intact, as it never fell under the Wordpress framework.

Thanks for your patience,
Matt, 17.5.16

Update 25.6.16: The photography section has been coded and partially uploaded. Most of the site's hard coding has been done, apart from some responsive issues. These will be dealt with shortly. This has admittedly taken much longer than anticipated.