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Macalla, meaning Echo, is a revival of Gaelic orthography of the 1800s. It is based on the type used in Transactions of the Ossianic Society, 1858. That unidentified typeface shows marked similarities to Watts in particular (1818) and an American redrawing for the Irish Echo (1881). There are some differences though, particularly in the lowercase “d” and “e”.

As well as Watts and the Irish Echo, similar historical fonts were created by Barlow, Christie, Fry and Figgins (Dermot McGuinne, Irish Type Design 1992). They are characterised by unusual uppercase A and M glyphs, which are almost blackletter in appearance. The typeface uses the traditional forms of a, g, r, s & t, some of which are unusual to modern eyes. The r and s in particular, along with the tironean ampersand are particular to Gaelic orthography.

The 18 letters of the Gaelic alphabet have been extended to the Latin 26. As a consequence of this, the original i (which had a descender) has been truncated to the baseline so as not to be confused with j, which does not exist in Irish. Macalla is available in just a single weight, with no italic, as per the original. There was no reference for the numerals in the old texts, therefore these have been extrapolated from the existing letterforms.

23/12/2020 Note: Macalla has been updated to 1.001. This update adds grave accents for Scottish Gàidhlig support.

Is athḃeochan scríbhneoireacht Ġaeilge na 1800í é Macalla, rud a ċiallaíonn Echo. Tá sé bunaithe ar an gcineál a úsáidtear i leabhar de chuid Miotas Fenian a ḃailigh Douglas Hyde. Taispeánann an cineálchló neamhaithitheanta go bhfuil cosúlachtaí cosúil le Watts go háirithe (1818) & athshlánú Meiriceánach don “Irish Echo" (1881). Tá roinnt difríochtaí ann, go háirithe sa mhír íochtarach “d” & “e”.

Ċomh maith le Watts & an Irish Echo, ċruthaigh Barlow, Christie, Fry & Figgins (Dermot McGuinne, Irish Design Design 1992) clónna stairiúla den ċineál céanna. Tá tréithe neamhghnách A & M orthu, arb é is beagnach dubhlitir é an ċuma orthu.



áéíóú ḃċḋḟġṁṗṡṫ ÁÉÍÓÚ ḂĊḊḞĠṀṖṠṪ

1234567890 .,:;!?()&



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License: Free to use, both for personal and commercial use.
The font file may not be modified or re-distributed. © 2018 Matthew McDonagh, Inkwell Media. The EULA is packaged with the font. You can also read it here

Instructions: To install, double click the font file.
Accessing Seimhiús and fadas: On OS X you will need to enable the Irish Extended Keyboard (System preferences > Keyboard > Input sources). Type alt a to get á, é for é etc. For seimhiús, type alt w, then the letter, eg: ġ.