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Photography — Portraiture

Most of my portraits are informal, using available light, but I also shoot a bit in the studio. I particularly like low key lighting, both ambient and strobed.

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Éva is the daughter of one of my colleagues and quite a talented actor. She made her debut starring in Keith O'Grady's short, Saving Santa. She's done a few sittings for me and is a natural in front of the camera.

Joan Tommy Mary Mo Ciara Eolann Clodagh Cian Me Me Ciara Eolann Luke

Christmas 2019

I set up a small studio just off the dining room and cajoled our Christmas guests into posing.

Alcohol may have made some of the cajoling easier as the day went on.

Cian Joan Mary Mary Me

Christmas 2019

These are the same pictures as above, but with some selective colour editing. I'm undecided if they are better this way or just in black and white.