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Photography — Low Light

Low-light, long exposure photography has always had a particular attraction to me. That period from golden hour to blue hour provides some of the most stunning natural renditions of colour. The contrast between natural and artificial light is most effective at this time.

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Lowlight 01

Lough Swilly from Kinnegar

This shot was taken on Kinnegar Beach, just north of Rathmullan. The lights on the other side of the Swilly are Inch Island and Fahan.

Lowlight 02

Noche de San Juan, Sabinillas

A vibrant annual festival held in Sabinillas, Spain, which culminates in fireworks and the burning of an elaborate tableau, created by local artist Juan Oliva.

Lowlight 03

Rathmullan Seafront

The late Johnny Boyle and I spent an evening here taking shots for the local Boat Clubs calendar. This one is a nice example of the balance and contrasting colour temperatures of natural and artificial light.

Lowlight 04

Partial eclipse, blue moon

A blue moon occurs whenever a second full moon occurs in a calendar month. This blue moon coincided with a partial eclipse. The Earths shadow is clearly visible on the bottom right.

Lowlight 05

Cavtat, Croatia

A night flight is captured over Cavtat harbour.

Lowlight 06

Fireworks at the Lennon Festival, Ramelton

The river Lennon flows through Ramelton and gives its name to this annual festival.

Lowlight 07

Yachts silhouetted in the sunset

Cavtat is a popular mooring point on the Adriatic.

Lowlight 08

Mudflats, Ray, Donegal

Lough Swilly is tidal, large mudflats are exposed at low tide.

Lowlight 09

Rathmullan Pier

The Happy Hooker at low tide with Inch Island visible across the Lough.

Lowlight 10

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The large yacht in the bay is the Luna, owned by Roman Ibramovich.

Moon Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Not a blue or full moon this time, but the gibbous moon give more texture to the craters. This was taken with the 100-400mm with the 2x extender.